Blue Protocol: A New Frontier for Anime MMO RPGs

If you are a fan of anime and online games, you may have heard of Blue Protocol, a new free-to-play Multiplayer Online Action RPG developed by Bandai Namco Online and Bandai Namco Studios. In this game, you can create your own anime-style character and explore the beautiful and dangerous world of Regnas with your friends or solo. You can also engage in dynamic action combat with various enemies and bosses, customize your skills and equipment, and experience an epic story that unfolds as you play.


Blue Protocol is set in a world where humans have discovered an ancient civilization called Engram that left behind mysterious relics called Blue Crystals. These crystals have the power to manipulate time and space, but also attract monsters called Gigantes that threaten to destroy everything. You are one of the Seekers, a group of adventurers who seek to uncover the secrets of Engram and protect Regnas from Gigantes.


Blue Protocol offers four different character classes to choose from: Aegis Fighter (a tanky melee fighter), Blast Archer (a ranged DPS with high mobility), Spell Caster (a magic user with various elemental spells), and Twin Striker (a fast-paced dual-wielder). Each class has its own unique skill tree that allows you to customize your playstyle and abilities. You can also switch between classes at any time outside of combat.

Some people may think that Blue Protocol is going to turn the industry upside down for Anime MMO RPGs because it has stunning graphics, fluid animations, immersive gameplay, and a rich lore that appeals to anime fans. Some might even say that it makes you feel like you are playing an anime movie. The game uses Unreal Engine 4 to create a vibrant and detailed world that is full of life and charm. The character models are expressive and customizable, with hundreds of options for hairstyles, facial features, outfits, accessories, etc. The combat animations are fluid and flashy, with impressive visual effects for each skill. The game also has cinematic cutscenes that enhance the immersion and storytelling.

Another feature that sets Blue Protocol apart from other MMO RPGs is its emphasis on social interaction and cooperation. The game encourages players to form parties or join guilds to tackle various challenges together, such as dungeons, raids, world bosses, PvP battles, etc. The game also has a voice chat system that allows players to communicate easily with each other. Additionally, the game has many social activities that players can enjoy together or alone, such as fishing, cooking, crafting, gardening, petting animals,
taking photos, etc.

Blue Protocol is currently slated for a Japan-only release in 2023, but Bandai Namco has said that they are looking into a global expansion and is currently hiring for an English localization director⁶. The game has already attracted a lot of attention from fans around the world who are eager to try it out. If you are one of them, you can follow the official website or Steam page for more updates and news about Blue Protocol.


Blue Protocol is a game that promises to deliver an exciting
and immersive anime adventure for MMO RPG fans.
With its gorgeous graphics, dynamic combat, deep customization, and rich story, it is definitely a game worth keeping an eye on. Are you ready to become a hero in Regnas?

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