Combo functions in the game Super Smash Bros

How Combos Work in Super Smash Bros


Combo functions are a crucial aspect of Super Smash Bros, allowing players to chain together multiple moves to create devastating attacks. Combos can vary in length and complexity, ranging from simple two-hit sequences to intricate 20-hit strings. In this blog, we will explore some of the key concepts behind combo functions in Super Smash Bros and provide tips for how to get started with combos in the game.

The basic building block of a combo is a chain of moves that flow smoothly from one to the next, creating a seamless sequence of attacks. To perform a combo, players must be able to cancel the end lag of one move into the start-up of another move. This is known as a "cancel," and it is the key to creating combos in Super Smash Bros. There are several different types of cancels that can be used, including aerials, special moves, and dash attacks.

Once players have mastered the basic concept of canceling, they can start to experiment with different combo strings. A good place to start is with simple, two-hit combos that use aerials to launch the opponent into the air. From there, players can start to incorporate other moves, such as special moves or tilt attacks, to create longer and more complex combos.

One important aspect of combo-ing is knowing how to vary the timing and spacing of moves to keep the opponent guessing. For example, players can change the speed at which they perform a move or the height at which they perform an aerial to create new and unexpected combo opportunities. Additionally, players can use the environment, such as platforms and walls, to extend combo strings and add even more variety to their combos.

Some combos are true combos, which means that the opponent has no way of escape from it, and some are DI dependent. DI means Directional influence, which in a easy way to understand, means that you can use your control stick to "influence" the direction of your character. Some combos are only real if your opponent is holding their control stick in a certain direction. There is also the possibility of SDI'ing out of combos, or Smash directional influence" which means you can flick your control stick on the upper or lower corners of the control stick to help push your character out of combos. 

Depending on the Smash title, the hitstun will vary. Smash brothers for 64 has the most hitstun, while the newest iteration, "Smash Ultimate" has the least. Combos still exist in Smash ultimate, but the windows/timing to execute them are just much smaller compared to the predecessors. 

In conclusion, combo functions are a major part of Super Smash Bros and are a key factor in determining a player's success in the game. Whether you're just starting out or are a seasoned veteran, taking the time to practice and master combos is sure to improve your gameplay. So get out there and start experimenting with different combo strings today!


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