God of War live action is coming to Amazon

So after a month since God of War Ragnarok came out, I finally was able to beat it. I didn't 100% it yet, but the story has finally been beaten, and I have to say, what a ride that was. Personally playing both Elden Ring and God of War, I believe God of War was game of the year worthy. The story was just filled with beautiful philosophical messages, and quotes that spoke to me that I will remember for the rest of my life. And I'm not even a father! But not only did they just drop such an incredible game, but there are rumors that Amazon is creating a live action tale.





Amazon has chosen to create a live-action God of War series. Rafe Judkins (The Wheel of Time), who will act as the showrunner, is creating the series for Amazon Prime Video. Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby, who both authored Iron Man, Children of Men, and The Expanse, will collaborate on the writing.


Which game where the plot start at?


I believe it would be better to start the show explaining the beginning god of war games, since it brings lots of important context for why Kratos' personality being the way it is in the 2018 version is so powerful. But it seems that it will follow alongside the 2018 game, in which Kratos traveled to the Norse Realms, established a new family, and took care of his kid following the death of his wife.  Going straight into the fray after his arc of aggression and betrayal is a bit weird to me, but nonetheless I am excited to see how it all will play out. God of War has always been famous for its grandiose fight scenes, and seeing it in the big pictures will be nice to see.


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