How to connect Mytrix's controllers to PC

How to connect Mytrix's controllers to PC


Connecting your Mytrix Nintendo Switch Pro Controller to your PC is straightforward. You have two options: wired and wireless. Let's explore both methods:

Wired Connection:

1. Grab a USB-C cable.
2. Plug one end into the top of your Mytrix Switch Pro controller.
3. Plug the other end into an available USB port on your PC.

Windows should detect and identify the Nintendo Switch controller, and you'll see a small notification in the taskbar when it's done.

Wireless Connection:

To connect your Mytrix Switch Pro controller to your PC wirelessly, follow these steps:

1. Ensure that your PC has Bluetooth capability (either built-in or via a Bluetooth dongle).
2. Press the Start button, then select "Settings".
3. In the window that opens, choose "Devices" (the second option on the top row).
4. Make sure the Bluetooth toggle is switched on.
5. Click "Add Bluetooth or other device".
6. Select "Bluetooth" (ignore the mention of Xbox controllers at the bottom).
7. Put your Switch Pro controller in pairing mode: Find the small button on the left side of the charging port. Press and hold this button until the set of lights on the underside of the pad starts flashing back and forth.
8. Back on your computer, a list of Bluetooth devices will appear. The Switch Pro controller will be named simply "Pro Controller."

Now you're ready to use your Mytrix Nintendo Switch Pro Controller with your PC! Whether you're playing Steam games or other titles, you'll enjoy its comfort and impressive battery life.

Remember that Steam's Big Picture mode works well with gamepads, so consider using it for seamless gameplay.

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