How to use Mytrix's New Upgraded Playstation 5 Controller



With the news of Mytrix's very own Custom Dual sense controller being revealed, it can be very daunting to get your hands on a new accessory and have trouble setting it up. Our last blog shed some light on how to properly set up the triggers and the turbo button, but if you're like me, you need to actually see how it's done to set it up. I can scour the internet and read tutorials on how to fix a lightbulb, but the truth is, I won't really get it. If YouTube wasn't a thing, I think I'd be living under a bridge. Luckily for you, we do have a video tutorial now live on our YouTube channel. Make sure to go and check it out because today's blog will be focusing on setting up the controllers profile based on what game you're playing, and will focus on what controls I think are best. 

What are the best settings for CyberPunk 2077? 


So there you are, with your sandevistan and Katana, swinging away at people raising your street cred. You pull out your assault rifle and realize man, the aim in this game is pretty wonky, it's so hard not to spray while aiming. Should I use a Shotgun? I've found that the best settings for me to enjoy using a weapon in CyberPunk has to be to have one pedal for aiming, and one for shooting. This makes it much easier to not only shoot, but to drive as well. I've noticed that while driving my hands would kind of start hurting after awhile using the triggers, but when i mapped the pedals to gas and brake, the difference was huge. You can also map the left pedal to heal, and the right pedal to use your phone, since its easy to forget in the moment.

What are the best settings for Genshin Impact? 

I've been playing Genshin Impact since the China beta, and the moment I laid my hands on the world, I knew I fell in love. One of the best experiences I had in life was sitting in bed when the game came out, threw away all of my responsibilities for the month, and just playing the game. The music and atmosphere just made me feel like I was a part of this world, a part of an anime. The best controls I would recommend for this game is to map your L1 on the left trigger to easily pull out the menu wheel, and the right trigger on O for attack. Then I would add turbo mode to that paddle, so that I wouldn't have to mash the button anymore, and can use circle for charge attacks. I definitely wore out my circle button from mashing attack and the paddle definitely gave me a breathe of fresh air.


What are the best settings for Street Fighter 5/6? 

 So there I am, anticipating for Street Fighter 6 to come out, tired of playing Street Fighter V. Literally salivating at the graphics that SF6 is boasting, and the opportunity of a lifetime comes to me. I get put into the Capcom Creators program, and get offered to test Street Fighter 6.  As a huge fan of the fighting game community, I can't resist and immediately go into the training room to practice. After hours of working on training room combos, I would have to say the best configurations for our paddles would be; left paddle for grab, right paddle for drive impact. 


 If you haven't already, I highly recommend grabbing the Mytrix Customized controller for PlayStation 5. The controller helps take gaming to the next level and its more cost-efficient than PlayStations new Dual sense controller. If you have any questions or ideas for profiles on your favorite games, make sure to tweet it at us.


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