Mytrix has just launched their new Customized Playstation 5 Controller with remappable paddles


With the news of Sony's new Dual sense Edge controller being revealed, many people are scrambling to dissect how well will this controller be able to compete compared to Microsoft's Elite style controller. With Microsoft's Elite controller, you can purchase it on Amazon for $170, and sometimes on sale for 150, while Playstation's new Edge Controller comes with the steep price tag of $199.99, it is evident that gamers will be debating back and forth if this is a worthy purchase. Most people do not have two hundred dollars laying around for a custom controller, and that's precisely why there's another competitor in the market. Mytrix has recreated the optimal gaming experience with their new customized PlayStation controller, which features two remappable back pedals, and turbo functionality.

Twin back pedal design: The two pedals can be mapped to 14 different buttons, × □ ○△, Up, Down, Left, Right, L1, L2, R1, R2, L3, R3; We use Omron switches in our rear paddle, giving it the feeling of well-balanced response speed and the actuation force comparable to high-end gaming mouse switches.

Turbo mode technology: When Turbo is turned on for a back paddle, holding that back paddle can make it use 100 commands of that action per second, perfect for shooting a single shot weapon like a automatic rifle, instead of fast pressing the same button multiple times. This option is toggleable at the back of the controller.

Ability to save multiple control profiles: Once you’ve found your ideal control settings, you can save them to unique profiles and swap between them on the fly. Whether you’re facing the Tyger claw gang in CyberPunk 2077 or rival players in an online battle royale like Fortnite. 


How to configure your controller: 

Mapping the paddles: Press the Map button – Click Paddle of your choice – Choose the button you would like to map to the paddle – Press the Map button again, and voila! 

Turbo On/Off: Click the Turbo button – Click Paddle of your choice – Turbo button again to map it


Check out the Mytrix's Customized Playstation 5 Controller with remappable paddles here at:


MytrixTech Website


At Mytrix, we are manufacturers and designers, but prior to that, we are gamers. Quality, details, and originality matter most to us and we would like to share our vision with you. We love what we do and we hope we can bring the excitement to all the players with our product. Good Game!



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