Mytrix x Seraphim Kickstarter Update


Hi there, here's an update of Mytrix's project on Kickstarter.

Mytrix has decided to temporarily pause the project to focus on enhancing the quality and features of the product. This pause is a strategic step towards delivering a product that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Rest assured, this isn't the end, but a move towards a more successful and sustainable relaunch. Mytrix team will keep you updated on their progress and welcome to answer any questions you may have. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions for the project, thanks!



Mytrix stands out as a rising star in the consumer electronics industry, carving a niche in gaming electronics and related products. Our repertoire includes a diverse array of controllers and accessories catering to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and handheld consoles. Additionally, we offer comprehensive services in console customization and upgrades.

At Mytrix, our primary goal is to provide customers with an unrivaled and innovative lifestyle experience driven by state-of-the-art technology. We are unwaveringly dedicated to meeting the varied needs of our clientele and fostering digital technology innovation that significantly impacts both personal and professional aspects of life.


Serafim was founded in Taiwan which specializes in the development of game accessories by engineers with game enthusiasts. Our focus lies in seamlessly integrating software and hardware for mobile devices and wearable mobile technology. Furthermore, our extensive portfolio boasts numerous patents across optics, mechanisms, and software realms.

Serafim maintains an impressive track record, having flawlessly delivered three highly successful Kickstarter projects. Moreover, our prowess extends to multiple triumphant crowdfunding endeavors over the past few years, spanning across Taiwan, Japan, and Korea.

Know More About Our Project

This is a collaboration project from Serafim and Mytrix. Serafim and Mytrix are both experienced companies and passionate in gaming. We aim to optimize customer gaming experience and break the limit of gaming, that’s why we decided to launch this project together. Bringing new possibility to mobile gaming is our main expectation. We can’t wait to share S3 with you, and keep growing together! 


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