Mytrix's Weekend at PAX EAST 2023

After a very busy 4 day weekend, PAX EAST in Boston has finally come to a close. Many hours of boothing without much time to rest, we prevailed. We were able to meet so many new fans, be able to be face to face with old customers that purchased our products on Amazon, and even formed new relationships with Influencers.
The conference room was enormous, we were positioned in a great location, and even though our booth was smaller and not as flashy as other booths, we were packed with crowds all weekend. Everywhere you go, you can see proud attendees clutching their cute Mytrix Cherry blossom bags and exploring the venue. We were famous in the PAX discord, because everyone could not stopping raving about our Pink cherry bags for following our social media.
There were so many great booths at PAX, ranging from vintage video games, 4d portraits of your favorite video games, playable indie games, aesthetically pleasing anime merch, and even places to buy cute little plushies. Of course there were many booths as well to buy custom controllers, but even then we appreciate everyone that decided to give our small business a chance.
The smiles on peoples faces when they held our controllers in their hands were priceless, and made all of the long work days worth it. The shocked faces when asking about prices, the joy after testing our RGB lighting, and the genuine thanks after making purchases was a sight to behold. It was very fun meeting everyone and being able to connect even for a few minutes. I, the humble Social Media Manager, was the only employee working all weekend, yet believe I was showered with the most love from our fans, and I thank you all for that.
We hope we can continue to earn everyones support and keep developing our craft so that we can open up the demographic of gaming to all. This was a very successful event and we can't wait for the next one. Which event would you like to see Mytrix at next? Please let us know in the comments so we can try to plan the next one.

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