Nintendo promises to fix performance issues in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet


To put it lightly, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet had a lot of bugs when they first launched, but the creators are at least trying to make apologies. Nintendo acknowledged performance issues and stated that it was considering user comments "seriously" while it prepared repairs. The version fixes various flaws, including the inconsistency of music playback during significant moments, and also brings Season 1 of Ranked Battles.


Poor frame rates are a common problem for a New gen game, especially in congested places like cities. Crashing, graphic issues, and game-breaking problems like being stuck in the ground are also frequent occurrences. Even with autosaves, the experience isn't as smooth as you may hope for from the flagship seller Pokemon. Don't even get me started on the graphics for a new age game.


Nintendo is unlikely to be concerned about how the faults may effect sales. Nintendo recently bragged that Pokémon Scarlet and Violet combined to sell 10 million copies globally in their first three days, according to IGN. They became the fastest-selling Nintendo game on any of the company's platforms thanks to this achievement. Imagine if this game came out with the updated version?


I believe the Pokemon Company is just too used to pushing one of these games out every year for the holiday season, banking on nostalgia. The highest selling video game company has the resources to create a stronger product, it's not like they're a small indie company. The fans deserve better.


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