Pokemon Scarlet and Violet break the Nintendo record by selling over 10 million units in just three days.

This holiday season has started very strong for Nintendo this year. In addition to selling an incredible 10 million units combined within the first three days of release, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet also contributed to "the best global sales level for any program on any Nintendo platform" during that time. Gamefreak has consistently put out a Pokemon game right before the holidays without a fail, and this time, its their biggest achievement yet. 

The most recent installments in the legendary Pokemon series are the second installment in the mainline franchise after Pokemon Sword and Shield. In contrast, Sword and Shield sold more than six million copies in its first week, setting a record as the fastest-selling Switch game ever. The switch is clearly showing that it has taken handheld gaming to the next level, making it much easier to get into gaming compared to their predecessors. With Playstation and Microsoft focusing more on console and PC play, Nintendo is reaping the rewards greatly, not having to worry about any competition.

These sales statistics from Nintendo include both packaged and digital versions of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, which were released globally on November 18, 2022. Fans have taken to the internet a lot of their favorite moments from the game, and have posting various funny clips.

The only caveat the fans have with the game is the constant performance issues and bugs that seem to be very consistent. This is not anything new since Pokemon's last Switch game " Pokemon Arceus" also had many stuttering and frame drops. But instead of fans boycotting these problems, they have instead taken it in stride and post the random glitches to their social medias, laughing it off. This makes things complicated, because when CyberPunk was released, it was boycotted so bad that it was taken off of the PlayStation store, and people were given refunds. Let me know in the comments what's your stance on the glitches, and if you have bought the new Pokemon games, which one have you chosen!



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