Rumor that Sony's unveiling the PS5 Slim


The PlayStation 5 slimmed down in its most recent iteration, which was released earlier this month, and a new rumor suggests that the console will get even thinner in the coming year.

Insider Gaming published a report on Monday stating that a slimmer PS5 will be available in September 2023.There are rumors that the new console won't have a built-in disc drive. In place of that, it will feature a USB-C-connected disc drive that can be detached to preserve its slim design.


The separable drive will likewise be accessible to buy independently on the off chance that the first gets harmed, as per Insider Gaming's unknown sources. Since the current PlayStation 5 is available with or without a disc drive, gamers who purchased the less expensive Digital Edition without a disc could add USB-C drive functionality.

In a nutshell, this indicates that in 2023, we probably won't get an official PS5 Slim; instead, we might get a new, revised PS5 that doesn't explicitly say "Slim. "However, for the time being, we don't care about the name as long as we can save shelf space...

Sony didn't immediately respond to a request for comment. 

If there's news on the horizon about the PS5 slim, then we all know that the PS5 Pro edition has to also be in development. Sony has been killing it not only with PS5 sales, but has started releasing more and more "PS exclusives" on PC, making you wonder, are they getting ready to take over the PC market? All I know for sure is, the day that happens, my dual sense controller will still be in my hand, as I enjoy God of War Ragnarok's rerelease.



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