Will Splatoon 3 Support Gyro Controls?

How a Pro Controller Will Improve Aiming on the Nintendo Switch

With the Splatoon 3 released today (Sep 09, 2022), it is only natural to look for new Nintendo Switch controller wireless options, especially ones with 6-Axis Sensor Motion Controls for precise motion control. Octolings and Inklings returning to the Splatoon series will need every feature they can use at their disposal as they step back into the Splatlands. That means they’ll need auto and manual turbo function, an ergonomic design for long game sessions, and Gyro Controls.

Do All Nintendo Switch Games Support Gyro Controls?

Not all Nintendo Switch games have gyro controls implemented. That means only a handful of games, such as Splatoon 3, Overwatch, Paladins, Fortnite, and other Switch shooter games, support gyro controls. With the official Nintendo Switch Pro Controller price costing a pretty penny, players are looking for a more affordable Wireless Nintendo Switch Controller for the Switch and the Switch Lite.

Improved Motion Control for Splatoon 3

Anyone who needed a competitive edge during Overwatch Switch crossplay or even the Splatoon 3 demo knows that gyro-aiming improves difficult shots in sticky situations. However, the normal Nintendo joy-con is not suited for everyone’s hands. That means having a pro-controller is essential for Overwatch on the Nintendo Switch or Splatoon 3.


With Splatoon 3 news heating up, it is crucial for players to start using the game’s demo to learn how to pull off shots using only a quick motion of the wrist. Splatoon 3 will introduce new movements, such as a roll, to get themselves out of inky situations, so having precise aiming during (or even after) movement is essential for multiplayer wins.


Players will need specially designed wireless switch pro controllers that will allow for more aiming options and precise control, giving them the ability to make those crucial shots in the heat of the battle. You can find specially designed Wireless Switch Pro Controllers and a catalog of other exciting products at Mytrix. Products sold here support the use of gyroscopes in wireless controllers. This means that aiming and firing can be done with a quick flick of the wrist, giving players the advantage they need in Splatoon 3.

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