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Mytrix Customized Controller with 2 Remappable Paddles for PlayStation 5 & PC, Programmable with Fast Turbo Auto-Fire, 3 Saving Slots

How to set up the map & the turbo function? Mapping: Map – Paddle – Target Button – MapTurbo On/Off:...



Mytrix PS5 Charging Dock For Two PlayStation 5 Controllers

Dual Controller Charger- Idea for charging 2 PlayStation 5 controllers. Securely store and charge 2 controllers simultaneously. Easy to use,...


Mytrix Full Body Protective Skin Stickers for Playstation 5, Durable Vinyl Decal Style Easy Apply Skin Wrap Stickers

Mytrix Technology Vinyl Decal Skin Stickers for PS5/Playstation 5 Console Disc Version and Controllers Ultra-thin, durable high-quality sticker skins with...