Mytrix Head Strap for Meta/Oculus Quest 2 VR Headset, Enhanced Support and Comfort, Lightweight Adjustable Headband VR Accessories

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Enjoy a more comfortable gaming experience with this head strap! It features a 2-point adjustment for a snug fit and padding for hours of pain free gaming. Stay on top of your game with this adjustable VR head strap by Mytrix.

Easy To Install

1. Remove the face cover.

2. Take off the original strap, starting from the overhead strap followed by the side bands.

3. Assemble our headset by attaching the side bands to the back panel.

4. Attach our head strap's side bands to your headset, followed by the overhead strap.

5. Put the face cover back into place.

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Ergonomic Design for Maximum Comfort 

features wide snug straps, soft foam padding with additional top strap to prevent sliding. Our VR headset straps will keep your head and neck comfortable so you can focus on the game.

Fully Immersive Virtual Reality 

Mytrix’s VR headset straps with adjustable 2-point system and full body tracking delivers a full body gaming experience. If you're looking for straps compatible with Quest 2 accessories, our VR straps combine comfort with performance.

Perfect for Players of All Ages 

lightweight and adjustable. Our head straps are compatible with Oculus strap and can be adjusted to exact measurements and provides a secure, stable fit for children and adults.

Excellent Gift for Enthusiastic Gamers 

Designed to extend game time with enhanced comfort levels, this premium quality VR headset will not disappoint. Easy to clean and long lasting, our virtual reality headsets are perfect for the whole family. Black and white models available.

Easy to Adjust

The length of the side bar can be easily adjusted through the anti-slip knob, and the tightness of the VR headset can be quickly adjusted, so that all family members can find a suitable head position to use.

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