Mytrix Zero-Kirin Wireless Pro RGB Controller with Programmable Back Buttons and Turbo, for Nintendo Switch, PC, Android & iOS



🤖 Wireless Pro Controller for Nintendo Switch and Multi-Platforms

🤖 Programmable Macro Definition Back Buttons

🤖 Advanced Aurora RGB with Multi Lighting Modes

🤖 Auto and Manual Turbo Function

🤖 Adjustable Vibration

🤖 6-Axis Gyro Sensor Motion Control

🤖 3.5mm Headphone Audio Function in Wired Communication

🤖 Ergonomic Design with Mytrix Original Zero-Kirin

🤖 1-Year Warranty

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Original Touro
Sakura Pink

Zero-Kirin & Ergonomic Design

Whether you're on Nintendo Switch, OLED, Lite, Windows PC, Steam, Steam Deck, iOS 13.4 and above, or pro controller is ready to go. Zero-Kirin wireless pro Bluetooth controller with Kirin, stylish design. Great for Fortnite, Zelda, Mario Kart, etc. A wonderful NS controller gift for your loved ones

Turbo Function

3 Adjustable turbo speeds providing auto pressing/shooting 5/15/25 shots/s; 1-Click to turn on and off; A, B, X, Y, L, ZL, R, ZR buttons are available for Turbo; Saves your thumb & finger from button mashing

Motion Control & 4 Adjustable Vibration Levels

6-Axis Gyro motion sensors enhance accuracy for precise movement controls, and improve motion aiming & turning performance; Dual motors with 4 levels of adjustable vibration intensity

7 Color RGB 4 Lighting Modes & Dynamic Joystick Lighting

Mytrix pro controller has beautiful breathing lights that bring more fun to gaming; Adjust the lighting mode and brightness, Mixed-Color Wave, Color Breathing Mode, Single Color Mode, OFF Mode.

Home Button Remote Wake-Up & 600mAh Battery

Press the Home button to auto-connect to & remotely wake up the NS console from sleep mode; Built-in 600mAh rechargeable battery for 15-18 hours of gameplay on a single charge. USB C to A cable included

3.5mm Headphone Audio Function

The 3.5mm Audio headphone jack could be paired with any wired headphones to communicate with your teammates without lagging (The controller needs to be wired connected to the Dock in order to use the headphone jack audio functions)

How the Pro Controller Connect to Switch/Windows PC /Android/IOS/ Steam

For Switch:
1. Wireless Connection: press the “SYNC” button for 5 seconds, all 4LEDs flash quickly
2. Wired Connection: by USB charging cable

For Windows PC:
1. Wireless Connection: Press the “ Sync ” and “ X ” buttons together for 3 seconds, LED1 and LED4 flash
2. Wired Connection: by USB charging cable

For Steam:
1. Wireless Connection: Press the “ Sync ” button, 4LEDs flash in turn

2. Wired Connection: Press down the right joystick vertically and connect the controller to the computer with the USB cable, LED1 steady light

For Android:
Only Wireless Connection: Press the “ Sync " and “ Y ” buttons together for 3 seconds, LED 2 and LED3 will flash

For MacOS:
Only Wireless Connection: Press the “ Sync " and “ X ” buttons together for 3 seconds, LED1 and LED4 will flash

Input Voltage 5V, 350mA
Working Voltage 3.7V
Battery Capacity 600mAh
Product Dimension 154*59*111mm
Weight 250 ± 10g
Material ABS







Package Includes

1x Controller

1x USB Type-C Charging Cable

1x User Manual


User Manual


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