Mytrix Customized Controller with 2 Remappable Paddles for PlayStation 5 & PC, Programmable with Fast Turbo Auto-Fire, 3 Saving Slots




Customized Tactical Controller for PS5
Two Remappable Back Paddles
Turbo Auto-Fire Function
Three Onboard Pre-Set Slots
Five-Time Faster Responsive Switch

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Master Controller Only
With The Last Of Us Part 1 PS5 Game
With Call of Duty Vanguard PS5 Game
With CyberPunk 2077 Game
With Rainbow Six Siege PS5 Game
With PS Plus 3-Month Member

How to set up the map & the turbo function?

Mapping: Map – Paddle – Target Button – Map
Turbo On/Off: Turbo – Paddle – Turbo

PS5 controller with back paddles

PS5 Controller Programmable Back Buttons Turbo Auto Fire

Upgraded Dualsense with Turbo Function Rapid Fire

Three saving slot for PS5 back button mapping settings


Customized Tactical Controller for PS5

Engineered for better gaming performance, easier and more responsive action at your fingertips; Upgrade with the official DS controller

Two Remappable Back Paddles

Can be mapped to 14 different buttons, × □ ○△, Up, Down, Left, Right, L1, L2, R1, R2, L3, R3; Activate the onboard remap program and change settings anytime; With rapid-fire turbo capabilities

Turbo Auto-Fire Function

Fast turbo shooting rapid pressing at 100 shots per second; Turn on and off the back paddles’ turbo with our onboard turbo button; Switch the mode at one click, no need to reset

Three Onboard Pre-Set Slots

Save your button-map settings for different games; For mapping layout recommendations for popular games please check out the detailed descriptions

Five-Time Faster Responsive Switch

Feel the click difference with the Japanese-Omron switch used within our paddles; high-end gaming-mouse-like clicky hyper-fast response and rebound; Faster reaction than the regular conductive rubber buttons plus ergonomic shape and well-balanced actuation force


Mapping Recommendations

*Games sold separately

Call of Duty Warzone/Vanguard/Cold War

Left Paddle: R3 (Melee) or X (Jump)

Right Paddle: R2 (Trigger, for Turbo Rapid Fire)


Left Paddle: X (Jump/Vault)

Right Paddle: R2 (Trigger, for Turbo Rapid Fire)

Rainbow 6 Siege

Left Paddle: L3 Lean Left

Right Paddle: R3 Lean Right


Left Paddle: Square (Reload/Interact)

Right Paddle: Circle (Change Stance)

CyberPunk 2077

Left Paddle: Square (Reload/Interact)

Right Paddle: R3 (Quick Melee) or X (Jump)

The Last of Us Part 1/Part 2

Left Paddle: L1 (Sprint)

Right Paddle: Square (Melee/Push Away Infected with Turbo On)

Mytrix Master Controller
Program the Paddles Map – Paddle – Target Button – Map
Turn On/Off Turbo Turbo – Paddle – Turbo
Compatibility PlayStation 5; Windows 10+; Mac OS 10.15+; Android and iOS
Connectivity AMD Radeon RDNA 2-based graphics engine
Memory/Interface Bluetooth and USB-C
Audio Port 3.5mm
Battery Capacity 1560mAh
Approximate Weight 290g
Dimensions 160mm x 66mm x 60mm


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