Mytrix Peachie - JoyPad for Nintendo Switch, the Newest Switch OLED, and Switch Lite




4 Playing Mode

  • attached on the console to play hand-held
  • play wirelessly as a remote pro controller
  • play left/right separately but works as one controller
  • play left/right separately as two controllers


Macro programmable buttons on each side of the controller

Adjustable turbo and vibration functions

Built-in six-axis sensor with motion control also works separately on each side 

Pressing the HOME button wakes up the console remotely

Ergonomic design ensures a comfortable operation during a long-time play

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Mytrix Peachie JoyPad for Nintendo Switch, the Newest Switch OLED, and Switch Lite

Our Switch Wireless Controller is compatible with Nintendo Switch/OLED Switch and Switch Lite console to play all the NS games. The connection is simple and the paring is fast, providing a smooth gaming experience with stable performance and a large-capacity rechargeable battery. It's also a wonderful gift for your partner, friends, children, gamers, and loved ones

4 Playing Modes

Use as two separate controllers in multiplayer Joy-Con-supported games

Attach on the console and play hand-held single player
Attach on the frame to play wirelessly as a remote pro controller
Detach from the console/frame, left and right separated but still work as one controller

4 Playing Mode

Mappable Buttons

Two programmable function buttons, one on each side of the Joy-Pad that could be mapped to a button on its side accordingly

Auto-Fire Turbo

3 Adjustable turbo speeds providing auto pressing/shooting from 5 to 20 shots/s; 1-Click to turn on and off; It is a must-have supportive function that saves your thumb & fingers from button mashing, provides ultimate speed for auto rapid pressing, repeatable pressing, fast shooting, and more creative ways to enhance your gaming e.g. Leisurely crafting multiple items in the Animal Crossing by turbo Auto rapidly pressing A

Motion Control

Support the motion control functions in every playing mode listed above with the built-in 6-Axis Gyro for each side of the Joy-Pad; Support precise motion controls, enhance accuracy for better performance: e.g. Accurate motion aiming in the Zelda BOTW; Direction motion control in the Mario Kart 8

Console Wake-Up and One-Click Connection

Press the HOME/Screenshot button for 1s to wake up the console from sleep mode remotely

Adjustable Vibration

Built-in motors for 4-levels vibration on each side of the Joy-Pad; Using the vibration as a guide is a must in some games including the Super Mario Odyssey

Unique & Ergonomic Design

Lovely pink cat Peachie gamepad only at Mytrix; Improved grip design provides the ultimate hand-held experience; Built with high-quality non-slip ABS material, with the ergonomic grip shape and key layout, durable and comfortable for long time playing

USB-C Charging Capability

Each joycon (Left/Right) has a USB-C port for fast charging separately via the USB A to C cable that comes with the controller, And they could be charged while inserted on the console; Large capacity rechargeable battery could provide up to 15hs playing time when played wirelessly

1-Year Warranty

We provide a 1-year limited warranty for the controller. Please read the instructions in the package and feel free to contact us if you have any questions


Input Voltage: 5V, 180mA

Working Voltage: 3.7V

Battery Capacity: 300mAh

Product Size: 130*50.85*47.4mm (Each)

Weight: 76g (Each)

Material: ABS

Package Includes

1 x JoyPad (L)

1 x JoyPad (R)

1 x JoyPad Connector

1 x USB Type-C Charging Cable

1 x User Manual

User Manual

Mytrix Peachie Wireless JoyPad User Manual.pdf

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